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"We have recently switched to Omni Courier and it is like a breath of fresh air. They show up quickly to pick up a package and even call to follow up and let us know the package has been delivered. This is one last thing we have to worry about in our busy days. Thanks to the group at Omni for making things so easy for us. Keep up the good work!"

--- Tracy Slider, Atlantic Envelope




Let us handle the traffic and delivery logistics while you focus on productivity back at the office. When Omni Courier is on the job, you can rest assured that the delivery will be made on time. Choose our same-day delivery service or customize one to meet your needs.

Same Day Delivery
We are ready to take on your toughest delivery needs and welcome your business 24 hours per day, 365 days a year--including holidays. So if your national next day carrier is on holiday this weekend, or perhaps cannot pick up after a certain hour, you know who to call. At Omni, you receive immediate 24-hour dispatch, package pick up and national delivery including "Saturday, Sunday and holiday delivery".

Same Day Local
Try our Same-Day Local Service where we will arrive in the morning to pickup your items and deliver them by 6:00pm the same day for only $25.00!

Pre-Scheduled Trips
Many companies require ongoing or corporate mail delivery and courier services. Whether your business needs regular daily, weekly, monthly or customized pick-up and delivery services, Omni will design a custom program that's right for you.

Medical Courier
Speed is the priority of Omni's medical couriers trained specifically in the life and death issue associated with timely medical deliveries. Your medication, home health care equipment and supplies are always delivered with immediacy and care reserved specifically for that industry.

Court Filings & Subpoena Service
With our couriers trained and experienced in legal procedures for filings at all area courthouses, we can guarantee proper service of court filings and subpoena deliveries.

Trucking/Cargo Service
Our larger vehicles can handle your bigger loads to anywhere in the area and beyond. Omni's freight handlers take special care in handling your merchandise and will accommodate any special instructions so not to disrupt your normal business activity.

3PL Capabilities
Omni has developed a nationwide network of hand-picked affiliates who can handle your local delivery anywhere in the United States. Omni is the one-call you need to make for any urgent delivery need anywhere. We will assign your delivery to an affiliate and monitor it’s status keeping you fully informed each step of the way.

First Jet Out - Nationwide Same Day Air Delivery
First Jet Out offers same day air service to all points within the USA. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year---including holidays, First Jet Out service will have your package en-route to its final destination within approximately one hour of its pick up.

While you relax with the knowledge that Omni Courier will handle all of the details, we will arrange the flight, pick-up your package and rush it to the airport. Once this flight touches down, we're on the job again rushing your package to its destination within approximately 60-90 minutes after landing.

Meanwhile, back at Omni's headquarters, we'll be tracking your package every step of the way by assigning a unique tracking number so we'll always know exactly where your package is at anytime during the delivery. With First Jet Out, same day, nation-wide deliveries are now quick, easy and worry-free!

With new governmental regulations, it is very important that you notify us now if you think you may ever need this service. We need to verify your company’s status PRIOR to your urgent delivery need. Otherwise, federal regulations may prevent us from serving you on the day it is most important to you. Tell your representative you would like to be set up for air freight service.

Airport Service
We can help with same day city-to-city deliveries within the USA or pick-up and deliver packages to your door with our airport service.

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